Windows XP Slow? Here’s What to Do

Why Is Windows XP Slow?
It seems to be one of those things with having a PC running Windows XP. The slow Windows XP experience that you have probably been putting up with for a while is a result of a number of things that accumulate as you use your computer. The main problem with Windows XP is that it contains a registry. The registry is like a central place where all the settings of your computer and the location of all your installed programs are stored.

Each time you do something on your computer, like start a program, change the wallpaper on your desktop or install a new printer, the registry is updated with this new information. As you can imagine, the large number of tasks that the average person performs on their computer each week, causes the registry to get quite complicated. Unfortunately, the registry is one of the main downfalls of the Windows XP operating system.

How To Fix Windows XP?
There are many things that you can do for your Windows XP system. The first thing you should do is remove those unwanted programs. They are just taking up space and causing things to take longer, especially if they are loading things up when you start up your computer. You would be amazed at how many software programs include little applications that start to make their own program run faster. These programs are usually located in the taskbar on the bottom right side of your screen. Have a look to see how many you have on your screen now out of curiosity. If you have more than 5 icons, you know that this is causing your computer to run slower than normal.

The next thing is to ‘Defragment’ your hard drive. This will basically put everything back in order so that it’s easy for your computer to find things when you are opening applications and documents. The good news is that there is an application located in the ‘Accessories->System Tools’ folder in the Windows ‘Start’ menu to do this.

The last solution is probably the most important for the slow Windows XP problem. It’s also the one that you’ll see most benefit from in terms of speed. It requires you to get a registry cleaner to fix up your registry and remove all those unnecessary entries. This will make such a big difference, especially to the start up speed of your PC. As with all things, you get what you pay for, so avoid those free programs on the internet, they are playing around with the heart of your Windows XP system. Try and think of it like this, if you needed heart surgery, would you go for someone that you found in the yellow pages, or someone that has a good track record and comes highly recommended. Make sense?

Hopefully you know have a good idea about what makes Windows XP slow, and what you can do for making it a little faster.

If you’re curious about which registry cleaners are worth your time, check them out here at: XP Slow? – Speed It Up Now

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