Registry Booster Review – Sweet & Simple

When asked to write a short post on a Registry Booster Review, we thought it would be a relatively easy thing to do however, as we studied the application in more detail we found that there was an incredible amount of knowledge that is required about the Windows XP operating system if you truly want to know whether Registry Booster is indeed accurate about the errors it was suggesting from the scan we performed. Like all Registry Defragmenters/ cleaners, they do like to exaggerate about the number of errors they find so that they can seem like they are doing more work than they might do otherwise.
So we took it upon ourselves to look at each of the errors that Uniblue’s Registry Booster had identified and determine whether it really was an error, or if it was just something that Registry Booster wanted to add to its results to show that it was worth the money you had paid for it. Having spent several days going though each of the 987 errors we were presented with, we unfortunately had to conclude that Registry Booster was indeed correct about each and every one of the errors listed. We thought about saying that it was accurate after we had gone through the first 250 errors and agreeing with what it had listed however, we wanted to be sure and test whether these Registry cleaners were actually all that they claim to be.
The good news is that they did accurately list all the potential problems that lay dormant in our Windows XP operating system and provided a quick and effective way of cleaning them up. All we had to do was click, ‘Fix errors’. How nice is that!
If you’re interested in finding out more about Uniblue’s Registry Booster, you may want to consider their free Scan that they provide to see if you really need a Registry cleaner or not. We can be rest assured that the numbers it presents with regards to the number of errors is certainly correct. Trust us!

Check out the latest Registry Booster Review and scan your computer to see how many errors you may have.

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